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Educational Trips


The educational tour combined with the group skating session usually lasts about 2 hours and 15 minutes.  We ask you arrive on time.  Each child will receive an informational hand out to keep or share with family and friends.

What to bring:

We suggest that your group be prepared for a cold climate (even in the summer).  Group members should have socks, pants and a jacket.  Gloves and a camera are recommended as well.

What's involved:

The field trip is an educational opportunity for children to tour the facility, learn how ice is produced, maintained and kept cold, how the ice resurfacer (or Zamboni) works, how ice skates glide on the ice and how ice skates are maintained.  For older students there is a video available (either DVD or online) to teach the "physics" of ice and refrigeration.

How to make a reservation:

You may contact our facility by any means your like (phone, email, fax).  One of our staff members will be more than happy to reserve your group for an educational ice skating trip.  As with any of our private groups a minimum of 40 persons is require to book the event.  When you are ready to make your reservations, please contact us at your convenience.